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    <p>There are five main steps in the entire PCB assembly process and they are pcb design & layout, PCB testing & inspection, PCB manufacturing and final testing. In this article we will look at each of them in turn. Let’s begin with the first step in pcb assembly process – designing. The design of the PCB must be drawn by a qualified or certified web designer. There are a few firms that provide this kind of service and you can find them on the internet or via telephone directory.</p>
    <p>The pcb manufacturing process starts here! After the designer has created the design, it is time to draw the fixture components and then place all of them on the plywood foundation that forms the basis of the PCB. Next, the web’s feet are screwed into the fixture feet and the whole structure is now firmly in place. At this point, we are now at the next step in pcb assembly process – the testing & inspection.</p>
    <p>Now that the pcb assembly process is over, it is time for the second part of this complex and lengthy process – the final testing & inspection. If you beloved this article and also you would like to receive more info about how about Fast Turn pcb manufacturing i implore you to visit the web page. This step is also known as post-modification testing & inspection. The goal here is to make sure that the pcb is functional, has no defect and is meeting the expectations of its end users. For this to happen, the entire pcb assembly process is thoroughly inspected and controlled to check for any kind of flaw or error. Each and every piece of equipment are run through this process so that the result is absolutely perfect.</p>
    <p>After the entire pcb assembly process is completed, we have a PCB with perfect and functioning parts. The final step of the assembly is to add the finished product to the manufacturing facility. During the manufacturing process, the process becomes even more difficult because we have to perfectly match the incoming material with the outgoing product. If the match is not perfect, the company will be liable to pay for the damages. That is why, the final test of the pcb assembly process involves the addition of the final product inspection and testing.</p>
    <p>Before releasing the final product, the factory will conduct a series of tests and final inspections. This will assure the company that they are releasing the best product into the market. The first test conducted here is the vertical leak detection. A bright light is directed on the entire assembly process and if any blemish is detected, then the whole assembly stops. The next step in this final inspection is the horizontal leak detection where the machine automatically stops the process when any line is detected.</p>
    <p>In order to complete the entire assembly, several other kinds of inspections will be carried out. For instance, the circuit examination is conducted after the components are inserted into the receiver. Here, the inspector will examine the connections, voltage, resistivity, inductance, capacitance as well as the electronic levels to ensure that everything is working correctly. In the final step, the whole assembly is disconnected from the system and it is left for the final quality control inspection where the best result is ensured.</p>
    <p>The manufacturers normally choose to use the most durable and strong circuit boards so that they can increase the life span of their products and also provide a very safe and long lasting service to the customers. However, to get the best result, it is necessary that all the components of the product are checked properly and the company pays more attention towards the smallest detail than anything else. This means that all the small components of the product are checked and examined very deeply and in case, something goes wrong, the whole assembly is disconnected from the system and a new one is manufactured using the faulty components. This is one of the most common reasons why the process of PCB assembly gets delayed.</p>
    <p>The entire assembly process has to be carried out by qualified and trained personnel so that all the components are carried out in a right manner. There is no room for errors in the dFM or PMU process. Thus, if any error happens, the entire manufacturing process gets delayed and the quality of the product suffers due to it. It is therefore advisable that you carry out your own quality check of the dFM and PMU before you order your product from the manufacturer or distributor.</p>

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